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Secure PDF Reports for Investigations

Windows Search Index Analyzer is primarily used as a tool by forensic examiners and as such the reports generated are often sensitive in nature. Distribution of reports to Defense Counsel, senior forensic examiners or other members of the investigating team introduces additional security risks over the data contained within reports.

To try and mitigate these risks WSia allows for reports to be produced in self extracting secure pdf format. The only software required for those receiving the report is an up to date version of a PDF viewer.

Secure PDF Technique

WSia encrypts the entire PDF report using AES encryption. The key is generated from a password supplied when creating the report and a hash of the password is taken.

The hash and the encrypted report are then appended to a self extraction executable which when run will prompt for the password. The password is hashed and checked against the hash stored within the file and if matched the file is then decrypted using AES and the key arising from the supplied password. The decrypted file is then launched with the appropriate installed PDF viewer.